Sunday, June 18, 2017

Things you see on the road in Cambodia

Taking a trip to anywhere in Cambodia is a fascinating, and often hilarious exercise.

Those are fully loaded AK47s! One way to keep road rage under control!

We call it "Cambodia Tetris."

Sorry for the blurry image, but I had to include this photo.

Tell me again about your last bus trip, I bet it's not looking that bad now!

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Plumbing Problems!

We heard some noises in the ceiling and later noticed a slight problem above our sink, obviously below the sink of the apartment above ours.

We called the guys in to have a look- no problem!

They had to cut a hole in the kitchen ceiling, as the manhole in the bathroom is blocked by the hot water system. No problem, they soon located the issue.

And here's the solution- TADA!

In case you're missing it- it's a funnel and a bit of pipe!

It was suggested to the repairman that he cut a new manhole but that was a ridiculous idea - as if he would have to come back again!

Except.......the next day......

So it turns out that the problem was the funnel- it just wasn't big enough.

You'd never even know they had been there!

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Neak Pean - In Wet and Dry Seasons

In the wet.......

 And very, very dry.

This was at the tail end of the wet season in October.

This was in July, Siem Reap had experienced very little rain at this time.

 These two photos really show the difference in the water level.

This little boy had great fun taking advantage of wet season.

Little Girl at Bantay Srei Temple

She was so sweet, I had to take her picture (after getting permission from Mum, of course).

Sunset in Kampot

I can highly recommend a sunset cruise in Kampot.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Cakes in Cambodia

This may come as a surprise, but you can buy the most amazing cakes in Cambodia.
With prices starting from as little as $10, you can get a beautifully decorated cake for any occasion.

The process is to simple- find a bakery, look at some pictures,  be amazed and astounded, FINALLY decide on a design and order the cake. Then remember to pick it up on the day.

Candles are provided and you will usually be provided with disposable plates and forks as well, and you can buy silly string, confetti etc.

The process is so unbelievably simple and prices are excellent.
Here are some cakes we have purchased or seen at various functions.
They taste great too!